We are creating a global infrastructure to make mobile services inexpensive, convenient and available worldwide.
  • Unlimited data for about $10 per month with no roaming or other hidden charges or inconveniences
  • The same price for calls from anywhere on Earth
  • Use your favorite smartphone, no cumbersome and clumsy sat phone required
  • High quality voice communications
  • Low latency (90% of calls < 100 ms)
  • The same phone number in any place, no new local numbers
Available worldwide
  • 100% Earth coverage
  • No need for line of sight with a satellite
  • Good coverage in rural and remote regions not serviced by conventional providers, including oceans and even the South pole
  • Good coverage in cities and other areas serviced by conventional providers
We’re designing our infrastructure from scratch to be inexpensive
and to support high capacity connections, so we will make more of you happy. Hence everything that we are doing at Yaliny has two main

01 Increase the number of satisfied users
02 Reduce infrastructure cost
Here are some examples of technologies
we are developing to increase the number of satisfied users:
Here’s how we reduce infrastructure cost:
High quality satellite modules designed by Yaliny
Cuts out the need for old-school space industry products
with their well known sky-high prices.
  • Communication Payload (antennas, digital signal processing modules, etc.)
  • Platform (flight computer, orientation and navigation system, energy management system and so on)
Infrastructure costs strongly depend
on launch costs
  • Cluster launches will allow us to drastically reduce launch costs
  • Ion thrusters will allow satellites to get to their planes and perform other ballistic maneuvers
  • A constellation will be on a LEO, which requires less expenses than GEO
Yaliny active phased array antenna
with digital beamforming

The cost has been reduced by more than a 100 times compared to being built in a conventional way
Commercial electronics

Orbit altitude and Yaliny’s significant amount of technologies allows
us to design satellites using industrial electronic components